Marc MacDonnell Busto in 5th Place (€11,280)

Marc MacDonnell shoved with As-3s from the button; Max Silver called with Ac-4c in the big blind. The most likely outcome was of course a chop, but this was not what happened – the board came down Jh 4d 2h 8c 6h, and the pot was shipped to Silver, whose stack duly increased to 380k.

A hand or two later, Silver moved in over a 45k raise from Benny Glaser, and once more, his not-so-great ace triumphed, doubling him up to well over 700k, while Glaser is now the short stack on 240k with the blinds/ante about to go up to 12k/24k/24k.

Glaser: Ah-8s
Silver: Ac-9s

Board: Qc 7s 9c 2c Qs

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