Max Silver Busts in 7th Place (€37,500)

Max Silver just couldn’t get a break today – after starting out second in chips (albeit with straight-up half the stack of chip leader Weijie Zheng), he never really recovered from his unfortunate doubling up of Dave Masters early in the day, and with the blinds/ante up to 120k/240k/240k and his stack reduced to 2.5 million, it was push-or-fold territory for the most famous player at the table. This is what he pushed with:

Silver: Ad-Td
Weijie “Jervi” Zheng: called with Ts-Tc

Board: 9h Qh Kh Qd 6c

Absolutely dominated, Silver failed to pick up an ace or river a gutshot, and finishes in seventh place. Not a bad run for him at this year’s Irish Open, though – he won the High Roller for €45,130, and now picks up €37,500 in the Main. GG, WP, see you next year.

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