Max Silver Doubles Through Benny Glaser to the Chip Lead

Benny Glaser min-raised to 80k on the button, and Max Silver flatted in the big blind. A flop:

6h 8h Qs

Silver checked, and then called the 105k continuation bet from Glaser. Now a turn:


This time Silver led out 180k. After a pause, Glaser called. This was now turning into a pretty big pot. Time for the river card:


Silver spent a bit of time rearranging his chips, and then announced all in for 610k. A longer pause from Glaser this time… And then a call!

Glaser: Qc-8d for two pair
Silver: Th-3h for a flush

Thus Silver doubled to around 1.35 million, while Glaser was crippled to just 285k.

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