Max Silver puts the screws to Sami Agel

It folded to Sami Agel in the cutoff just now and he raised to 250k at this nine-handed final. Max Silver was in the small blind and this would prove to be an enormous problem for Angel.

There are some unsolved problems in the world. World peace, the three body problem, and the spot Max was about to put Sami in.

First of all, Silver raised, to 750k. Angel called this three-bet with position. The flop came down 8d 8h 4s. The pot was 1.7M and the players had about twice this behind in their stacks. Cue the ICM carnage.

Silver continuation bet 550k and Agel called. The turn was the 7d adding some straight draw and flush draw possibilities.

Max Silver went all-in.

This sent Sami Agel into a stew. Not an Irish stew,  no beef cubes here. No, rather it was the kind of existential stew that one finds oneself in facing a shove with a hand that is either very much behind or is slightly ahead. And the stakes were too damn high. Agel, in short, was uncomfortable.

The absence of comfort persisted in Agel’s tank, as he waited for an answer to arrive to the privacy of his mind. Perhaps it would come from upon high. It did not. Nothing came. Agel folded two tens, we can reveal. Max had the Ad Td for ace high with a flush draw. Chips for Max, regret for Agel. Spicy.

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