Michael Mazilu Bubbles Record-Breaking Main Event

Finally, with players no longer able to obey the floor’s instructions to STAY IN YOUR SEATS during all-ins, the third all-in situation on the third hand of the bubble released the tension by busting someone.

The all-in situation occurred on the river, unusually, with a board standing 3s Tc Jh Ks 2c.  The all-in player was Michael Mazilu, with Mustapha Gultekin his opponent.  I don’t know if they let each other know what hands they had, but Mazilu did not look exactly cheerful.  And he was standing up.

Finally the pain was ended – Mazilu showed Ts Jc for two pair, while Gultekin showed 9h Qc for the turned straight.  Mazilu, the runner-up in the Irish Open Main Event 2017 for €125,000 has to content himself this year with the bubble prize of a ticket into next year’s Main Event. There’s €1,750 now locked up for everyone else.

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