More Rakuss Better

Four-bets preflop galore spotted in Level 9.  Two preflop wars involved Eduards Rakuss.  The first saw Michael Tastanis open for 1,700, Rakuss raise him on the button (5,000) and fold to Tastanis’ four-bet (14,000, with ~30,000 behind).

Moments later, Rakuss opened, was three-bet to 11,000 by big blind Richard O’Neill and then moved all in for the 52,000 he had left after the previous hand.

O’Neill thought about it for a little while and made the call.

O’Neill: Ah Ks
Rakuss: Kd Kh

The first card of the flop was the Ac.  Rakuss quietly got out of his seat.  The rest of the flop brought the Qc and 9d, and when the 7c came on the turn he started gathering his stuff.  But the river: Kc!  The entire table made that “oooooh” sighing noise that signifies surprise from the spectators, sadness from the loser and great relief from the winner.

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