Newport, Silver heating up table 15

Table 15 is looking like a bit of a pressure cooker, with Max Silver, Nick Newport, and Chris Dowling grinding it out. The last of those three reported on twitter that he has come out of tournament retirement just to play this event. You know, poker players and retirement.

Max has two cards in his possession every time we pass by. Recently he made a 5k wager on Ks Kc 4h 3d 2s against one Michael O’Brien, whom had defended their big blind. O’Brien paid the last bet and was shown Kd 9d.

The next hand the two tangled again, but the rematch was ruled a draw as they showed down Ac 4c for Max, As 4s for O’Brien on a quietly played Ah 3d 7d Jd 6h board. Max who strolled in relatively late, is already up to 95k.

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