Nicola Basile Wins Heads Up Event: Table Spontaneously Sings “Oh, Canada”

Nicola Basile has defeated Katsuhiro Muto in the final round of the 58-entry €350 Heads Up, which started yesterday, winning €6,230. Muto picks up €3,565 for the runner up spot after a genial, lengthy final match.  He went over to a corner which I presume is full of people playing the Americas Cup, and a few seconds of the Canadian national anthem rang out (Basile is Canadian: this wouldn’t make sense otherwise).

Full results:

1 €6,230 Nicola Basile
2 €3,565 Katsuhiro Muto
3 €1,780 Vincas Tamasauskas
4 €1,780 Denis Murphy
5 €1,115 Dylan Yip
6 €1,115 Gareth Smith
7 €1,115 Mark Taylor
8 €1,115 James Moore

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