Nikolaos Papamakarios out 14th (€14,000)

It folded to Nicolaos Papamakarios in the small blind, who completed with 40k for 80k total. The big blind, Raymond Wheatley  made a big raise, to 350k. It was time for Papamakarios to make his move, and he did so, all-in for something like 2M. Wheatley called fast as lightning. Because he had Ac Ah.

The pot was exactly 4 million chips big. Papamakarios would need a lot of help.

Kd Qs 8s flop. Backdoor spades at least for the man from Greece was his only hope. Turn Jc.

So we have four outs for a chop, with one of the worst match-ups to have against pocket aces. It was more than Nicolaos could ask for in fairness.

The river was the 2s. Nicolaos eliminated and Wheatley surged. Nothing like getting aces in blind versus blind.

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