“No More Bluffing” for Barry

The clue is in the title for this hand between Barry Grime and Dinh Le.  Le three-bet preflop from the button (blinds 150/300, exact amount unknown but somewhere in the region of 2,200) and Grime made the call.

Flop: 8d Js 9s.  Check to Le, who bet 3,100.  Grime called.

Turn: Th.  Now Grime led out sharpish for 7,000 and after a brief think, Le let his hand go.  Grime revealed his 4s 6s, was called “the English bluffer” and told his table, “No more bluffing.  No more,” which is about as likely as the players all being happy with the heat/cold level of each area at the same time.

Later on, same table, same players…

Joe Beevers opened preflop to 700, called in three places.  On a 2h 3c 8c flop, it checked to Grime who bet 1,400, called by Le alone.

Turn: Kh.  Le check-called Grime’s 2,500 bet.

River: Qh.  Le checked again, and Grime threw in a 25k grey chip, announcing that he was betting 2/5 of it. Another decision for Le; another fold.  Grime showed his hand again – the 5h 9h for the flush, saying, “I hit it this time! Winner winner,” and then, rather oddly, “Hello, baby.”

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