No Respect for Walsh’s UTG Raise

Shawn Walsh has a stack of around 700,000 after a hand against, well, his whole table.  Walsh raised under the gun to 13,000 (blinds now 3k/6k) called in turn by George McKeever, Neil Rawnsley, and Dinh Le.  Small blind Jiushuang Wang was well aware of the chips piling in the middle, and decided that this was the spot to jam for 175,000.  Back to Walsh, who sat very still for a while before going all-in himself (comfortably covering all his potential opponents).  This effectively isolated Wang, and the cards were turned up:

Wang: Kd Qh
Walsh: Ac Jh

The board ran out jack high, and that’s all she wrote for Wang.  At least he made the money.

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