Nuts to Chop to Check-Check: How it All Got Worse for Dobelis

I think the story of this hand is out of the bag already with the title, but never mind.  Rihards Dobelis raised to 800 preflop, called by Ciaran Gilmartin and then button Christin Maschmann.

Flop: Kd Th 9h.  Dobelis led out 1,800, Gilmartin folded and Maschmann called.

Turn: Jh.  Now Dobelis checked to Maschmann, who threw in 4,000.  Dobelis called.

River: 5h.  Dobelis checked fast and Maschmann checked even faster.  No hearts were in anyone’s hand; she showed down Qc Ks for a straight which Dobelis had flopped with Jc Qd.

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