O’Kane O’K

The structure of this event is such that early chunky showdowns are rare as sober shuffleboard players.  We did spot one hand going to the river, over on table 64:

Pat Kiely raised to 400 preflop (blinds 75/150) and got four callers (three in position and the big blind).

Flop: As 3d 4h.  Check to Kiely, who fired 1,200, called this time by Laurence O’Kane only.

Turn: Ac.  Kiely led out quickly for 2,100, called just as quickly by O’Kane.

River: 7d.  Another pair of quick decisions (this time, checks) and, showdown:

Kiely had stopped betting with his Kd Kh which is just as well because O’Kane tabled Ah Qs to take a nice early pot.

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