Orbiting Niall Farrell

While we were going round and round this eternal celestial path, we thought to stop and stargaze a round featuring current shooting star Niall Farrell. The man has a lot of chips, that much you know. In fact, returning from break earlier, already with the tournament chip lead, he got dealt pocket aces and flopped top set. But surely there is more than just sunrunning to his ascension. Can eight hands under observation tell us anything about how he gets them chippies? Judge for yourself.

In the big blind we began our observations and Farrell was facing a raise and 2 calls, the raise from the bubbly Canadian Christine Bryant, a call from the Romanian Marian Ionut Farcas, and a button call from the Norwegian Trygve Leite. Farrell seemed almost obliged to defend his big blind with any two cards. On this occasion he had two particular ones. After he called the flop was Qc 9c 4d, it checked to Leite on the button, who fired 18k, and everyone gave up. So we’re starting down 12k (8k+4k antes) in our summing.

The small blind saw Farcas raise to 8.5k and after the briefest of considerations Farrell cut out 32k. The big blind folded and Farcas did not look happy, but called. Ks 9s 9d was the flop, Farrell flicked a 25k chip into the pot (he had so many to choose from, but chose the one atop the stack) and Farcas folded quickly. +40k by our math there.

After taking a breath on the button, Farrell raised to 8.5k in the cutoff seat the hand thereafter. The small blind, Paul Cox, called¬† and the big blind, Nicola Basile, with absolutely no interest in involvement, folded. We get the sense some at the table are staying out of the man’s way. The flop came Ac Kh 7c, Cox checked, Farrell bet something fierce, 15k, and Cox folded, showing two sixes. The Ad was shown, the table made some allusion to not missing. The man known as Firaldo added another 16.5k.

The next hand it folds to Farrell, he raises to 8.5k, and this time Christine Bryant defends her big blind. The flop arrives Kh 8h 7s and it goes check check. When Bryant leads out 11k on the 9d turn Farrell could not muck his hand fast enough. -8.5k, but no blood.

The next hand Leite opened to 8k under the gun. Farrell took some pause and bumped it up to 28k. There was some discussion of showing hands, going nuts, and so forth, but eventually Leite folded, showing the Ac. Farrell showed the Ad. Leite showed the 2c. Farrell showed the 3d! The man is one step ahead of everyone today. +18k

The last hand of that orbit he simply folded under the gun. Unbelievable, we know.

A quick tabulation, -12k – 8.5k + 40k + 16.5k + 18k makes for a net increase of 54k.

Well folks there is your blueprint for tournament dominance. Going into dinner break we can confirm Farrell left to eat with 1.055 million. The first seven-figure stack and all the momentum in the world, or was that all the world’s momentum? Either way, this chip stack is skyrocketing.


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