Padraig Parkinson Almost Folds

We pick up the action on the flop Jh 4d 2s.

Given the size of his flop continuation bet, 3.2k, it looks like Gareth Smith three-bet Padraig Parkinson’s late position open from the big blind.

The turn fell the 9h and Smith slowed down and checked. Parkinson took a hold of the betting lead and fired 6k exactly. Smith was not nearly done with the hand however, and called.

The river was the Qs, completing a few unlikely hands. Maybe it was these hands Smith wanted to represent when he splashed out 20k, four intimidating green chips, and about the size of this already massive pot.

The long time veteran of Irish poker was not too arrested. He could not see a way to fold pocket jacks in any case.

Second set was good as all Smith could turn over was Ah 7h, a busted flush draw that had made a big bid on the river.

“I nearly folded,” Parkinson said. This refrain was so much disbelieved that an observer on another table entirely told him he was dreaming.

Parkinson looks to be sitting with a 70k stack now.

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