Raymond Wheatley eliminated ground down, out in fourth (€85,000)

Raymond Wheatley was down to 3.3 million, about 8 big blinds at 200k/400k/400k under the gun. If he went through the blinds again, particularly with the big blind paying all the antes, he might have no hopes of getting back above water.

Fortunately, or so he thought at the time, he looked down at As 5c. All in.

It came to Thomas Gallagher in the small blind, who only had 10 million, so the shove was putting some pressure on him. He made the call and the big blind folded. Gallagher turned up with a double pip spot, Ad 7h.

The possibility of a chop was in the air, but on the Ah 3s 2d flop, all knew that there would be blood. A four or a five would double the short stack, any other cards and the seven would play as a kicker. The turn was the 9c and the river the Kd.

Aces with a king, nine, and seven beat aces with a king, nine, and five. Sometimes tournament poker is just that close. Wheatley out in fourth while Gallagher picked up some chips that he could use to take on Zheng for the chip lead. This tournament is not over just yet but we are down to three.

Wheatley was wonderful in defeat, all smiles, and acknowledged how well he had done to get there. “I had some tough 50/50s yesterday for most of the day and I got most of them.” He put his money on Zheng, which is a running theme of those eliminated so far.

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