Sami Agel runs out of runway, eliminated in 5th place (€63,520)

The man from Luxembourg was down to his last nine big blinds or so, and through no fault of his own really. He had played absolute class poker all today and yesterday.

One off the button Agel went for the blinds with a shove. When the action arrived to Thomas Gallagher in the big blind, he snap-called Kh Qc. Gallagher did not have the chips to afford it — if he lost this pot he would be left with fewer than ten big blinds himself. Worse, he was behind — Agel tabled Ad 4h.

The flop was all roses for Agel, 6d 4d 6c and the turn was a bed of flowers, the 9s. But in this meadow of hope there lay a thorn, and unfortunately for Agel it made its presence felt only at the last. The river was the Qd.

Gallagher now has 8.9 million, atoning for previous missteps. Agel took it well, he’s being paid €63,520 after all. And the players took a short intermission to look at numbers. Those remaining four players are all Irish, so we will have an Irish champion at the Irish Open! Which of the four remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

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