Santolin Busts to “Guy that Runs Like God” (Max Silver)

Giancarlo Santolin (pictured) raised preflop (his stack around 160k) and was three-bet by Max Silver.  We didn’t see the bet sizings because we were alerted to this hand by the exclamation of surprise from Santolin when he’d moved all in and been snap-called.

Santolin: Ts Td
Silver: As Ad

“You run SO good!” commented Santolin, “But I’m gonna run better. Ten!”

Flop: Js Ac Kh.  “Queen!”
Turn: 7h. “Queen!”
River: not a queen.

Santolin bust, but shook Silver’s hand with a shrug.  “This guy runs like God, bro.  Obviously he’s three-betting there. He’s three-betting everything!”  Silver can continue three-betting everything now, with a stack of 1,230,000.

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