Selected Chip Counts from the Main

Here are a handful of chip counts from the Main Event, a pleasing variety of chip leaders and folks who are not chip leaders but whose faces we recognised on a quick circuit of the tournament area. Average stack is 45k at the moment.

Bodo Sbrzesny 130,000
Kenny Broad 110,000
Scott Margereson 108,000
Adrian Vogt 105,000
Ezekiel Waigel 105,000
Patrice Brandt 95,000
Karolis Domarkas 90,000
Raymond Masters 88,000
Feargus Murphy 76,000
Andrew Grimason 50,000
Christina Read 40,000
Robert Kaggerud 34,000
Donnacha O’Dea 32,000
Rory Liffey 29,000
Marc MacDonnell 27,000
Kevin Killeen 16,000
Christin Maschmann 14,000

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