Shaun Conroy: You Can Win, But You Didn’t (Out 108th)

The most recent casualty from the Main Event is Shaun Conroy.  Again, his final hand was not the dramatic one – the fact that he moved all-in blind under the gun for 48k (blinds 5k/10k) strongly suggests that the hand prior had done the damage.  Cutoff Ricardas Vymeris raised to 100k, isolating the emergency all-in player.  Conroy turned his hand over first, a surprise to everyone including him as he said he hadn’t looked: 7c 6h.

“You’re lucky,” said Vymeris (although it really didn’t look much like that from where I was standing), “You can win.” I think he meant that Conroy was live vs. his Ac Tc.  After a turned ten, however, he could no longer win.  Conroy picked up €3,000 for his 108th place finish.  How often can you say a sentence like that?

Chip counts for Table 11 sans Conroy, in seat order:

Alan Truick – 600,000
Ian Simpson – 320,000
Evangelos Bechrakis – 210,000
Anthony Phillips – 175,000
Conor Phelan – 1,000,000
Ricardas Vymeris – 670,000
Gareth McMahon – 550,000

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