Sheer Absolute Unfettered Madness

There is no other description for what just happened.

Thomas Gallagher, second in chips, opened the button to 250k, Weijie Zheng, chip leader, called in the big blind.

The flop was 6h 6c 3d. The action went check, bet 300k, raise 800k, three-bet to 1.5M.

Yes, you really did just read that. Strap in.

Gallagher had 5M back. So what Zheng decided to do was move all in for 14 million chips.

Gallagher thought about it. Why? Only the Oracle of Delphi could tell you. Because it turned out that Gallagher had As Qd. Finally the lunatics were subdued across the asylum. Gallagher folded.

Speaking of clairvoyant powers, Zheng had 7c 3c.

As in, he defended the big blind with a suited four-gap seven, he check-raised with the pair of threes, maybe because he thought his hand best, maybe because he thought that is how chip leaders lead. And when his opponent gathered all the courage of most people’s poker career, to come over the top with a heroic flop three-bet to 1.5M, he — to say Zheng threw caution to the wind would be like saying Antarctica gets cold — ripped stacks in bro’s face.

“I feel like this is 1995,” we could hear Benny Glaser, in shock and awe, from the commentary booth. Fair enough because this hand was straight outta Duke Nukem.

We are back with nine players tomorrow. Zheng’s got 17 million chips and the game to go with it.


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