Short Stacks Eye Day 1d

There are quite a few players among the 623/883 remaining in Day 1c of the Main Event whose stacks at the 250/500 blind level are starting to look precarious.  However, such is the nature of a tournament with hour-long blinds and every conceivable level thereof that even with a starting stack (30,000) there’s time to be taken and spots to be picked.  So when players bust, what to do? Jump in the newly-started Day 1d with turbo 20 minute levels, or get back on the horse in Day 1c with 60 bb?  We asked Dara O’Kearney and he suggested the third way – getting some rest and buying straight into Day 2.

Surinder Sunar finds himself dwindling in chips, recently losing around a quarter of his stack to Alan Truick.  Surinder opened to 1,600 preflop in the cutoff, raised to 4,200 by button Truick.  He made the call.  On the 4d Td Qc flop, Sunar checked and Truick bet 5,200 (about a third of his remaining chips, and a slightly larger percentage of Sunar’s).  Fold.

Late registration into Day 1d ends at 2am, so grinding a while in the slower 1c is still very much an option.

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