Silver chips up through Sami Agel

Action has slowed down here in level 30 of the main event. We are still holding at 12. But Max Silver has a bit more breathing room after defending his big blind versus Sami Agel’s button raise.

It was 225k preflop that Agel raised and Silver called. The flop fell 6d 5s 4s. It was one we might expect to see a lead in ordinary circumstances. In any case, Agel recognized the dangers and checked back. Cue the turn, the 6c.

Silver lead out at this card 250k and Agel called with a perfunctory air to him. The decision point in this hand was going to be on the river, or was going to depend on the river. That river which could be any of some four dozen cards from this observer’s perspective. It was the Qd.

Silver bet a whopping 850k, sizing up from our perspective. Agel made the call and saw 8d 6s. Silver is up to 3.3 million.

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