So nice you can play it twice

Daragh Davey rolled up (he really did, he took the local Luas like a boss) to Citywest Hotel, Hellmuthian late.

His first bullet was dispensed with, as he described it, “in a series of cuts leading to a fatality.” Having been whittled down to 11k (from 30k starting) he squeezed ace jack for all the chips over an open and three calls. Unfortunately he ran into it — ace king being the “it” of that moment.

The taciturn man, a fixture (think light fixture) of Irish poker, was utterly undeterred and fancying his chances at tournament poker (don’t we all from time to time) immediately re-entered. He finds himself now in the middle of the action on table 19.

Just as the latest break began, game face on, Davey was raising fellow Irishman Andrew Wilson’s big blind. After the latter defended, a Jd Ts 6d flop was spread. After Wilson’s quick check fold, Davey showed As Js, his stack’s life force restored.

It turns out you can fire the tournament up to nine times, twice per Day 1 flight (there is a turbo flight tomorrow night), and if you busted all those, you can buy in straight away on Day 2. We’ll keep an eye on Davey’s enthusiasm (that’s his enthusiastic face you see in the picture) but if there is any such thing as momentum in poker, he should be able to roll through the next, last three hours of poker tonight.

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