Stephen Woodhead Bubbles the High Roller; Paid 10 Get a Break

Finally, the bubble has burst.  While Daniel Wilson continued his reign of terror (setting everyone all in quite a lot, knowing that hands were pretty tied), Stephen Woodhead finally ran out of time, and found an ace.  With under 3bb he took his shot with Ac 3h when Wilson, surprise surprise, set him in again.  Wilson tabled 9s 6s but spiked both pairs as the board came down unfavourably for the microstack.

A couple of hands later, Max Silver found kings vs. Wilson (who had eights) and has doubled to 230k; Wilson has 350k.  Full counts coming soon, but here’s what they’re playing for:

1 €45,130
2 €29,565
3 €22,565
4 €15,170
5 €11,280
6 €8,560
7 €7,000
8 €6,225
9 €5,445
10 €4,670

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