Steven Alper Eliminated in 9th (€21,000); Official Final Table On a Break

It took two whole levels to lose 9th place from the livestreamed final today, and in the end, despite plenty of what the commentators term “unorthodox” moves, it was an ace-vs-bigger-ace that did Steven Alper in.

Preflop Weijie Zheng opened to 450,000 with Ac Qc, called by Sami Agel with Ah Jh.  Over to small blind Alper, who looked down at another ace-jack suited (this time of diamonds).  He jammed for 4,000,000.  That might look like a lot, and be a high  multiple of the 30k starting stacks people started with four days ago, but it’s 20bb now.  Zheng called and Agel folded.

Board: Qs Kc 7c Qh 4c.  GG, Mr. Alper (featured in a video yesterday).

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