Sweet Spot for Wilson as Bubble Tortures Short Stacks

In one of those quirks of tournament poker, the 11-handed High Roller has a great chip discrepancy between its two short-handed tables.  In another quirk, the table with Italo Palao, Orjan Skommo and Stephen Woodhead all suffering the excruciating tension of having very short stacks (<10bb each) features large-stacked Daniel Wilson to the left of all three of them in a row.  To say that their blinds are being abused is an understatement. Even middle-stacked tablemate Max Silver is suffering.

“Someone has to take a stand,” Silver said. “It’s not going to be me, but someone does…”

Meanwhile on the other table the three chip leaders are in a different position.  When Marc Macdonnell  (until recently, one of them) opened to 24k (blinds 6k 12k) with 270k behind, Keith Johnson took the plunge for 151k total.  After a long think Macdonnell called, but his A9 was dominated by Johnson’s AQ.  The rest of the players returned to bubble pain.

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