Tank of the Day: Giuliana Oliveira

Giuliana Oliveira started the last hand with 60,000 chips (blinds 250/500) and ended it being unable to make a decision – admittedly a really big, potentially tournament-ending one – and having the floor do it for her in the form of a clock call.

Caught from the flop, with preflop action having created a heads up 8,400 pot, her opponent James King led out for 5,500.  Oliveira raised to 18,000, leaving 37,000 behind.  He called, slowly and deliberately.

Turn: 6s.  King thought for about thirty seconds before pushing out a stack that covered hers.  While the rest of the tournament area went crazy for the football on the jumbo screens, Oliveira faced forward and quietly contemplated.  More football happened.  After several minutes, she removed her earphones, and asked King The Question: “You show if I fold?”  No response.

Another minute or so and a tablemate called the clock with what can only be described as an apologetic shrug.  The full countdown followed and her hand was pronounced dead.  King’s stack now tops 115,000.

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