“That Tipsy Scottish Lad” Takes Chip Lead in Final Level

Thus was Niall Farrell referred to by the dealer on the break, as we tried to count his stack, which is not set in neat piles of 20.  It makes no difference how out we are on the exact figure; there’s a 40,000 gap at least between his stack and that of the next highest in chips:

Niall Farrell 240,000
John Campbell 190,000
Terence Etim 180,000
Dino Ivkovic 170,000
Camila Reventlow 170,000
Pojan Salim 160,000
Adrian Dubles 160,000
Ricardas Vymeris 155,000
Kevin Price 148,000
Luke Walsh 147,000
Tadas Galkus 142,000
Karen Muir 132,000
Pat Kelly 126,000
Waheed Ashraf 126,000
Jonathan Willis 125,000
Marc Macdonnell 125,000
Waseem Shahid 122,000
Joseph Lalor 120,000

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