Thody on FIRE: Busts Two Players in Back-to-Back Hands

What a time to be on the bubble if you’re James Thody and running so hot we can feel the steam coming off him from our table.  We only caught the first bust-out when it was already at maximum pressure, the clock called on Corne Scheel on the river.

The board: Kh 5d Qc Ts 8d.  The pot, over 100k.  Thody checked, Scheel bet 67,000.  Scheel check-raised all in (to 238,000).

“I don’t know if I can fold,” murmured Scheel.  When the floor came to time him down 30 seconds, he slapped in the rest of his chips, turning over Kc Kd.  His set was no good against the nut straight: Ac Js.  There was an amiable fistbump although Scheel looked pretty gutted.

Next up: Kim Callow.

Short-stacked, he put the last of his chips in on a 6c 8c 9s flop, called by newly minted Cox.

Callow: Jc Qs
Cox: Ts Js

Looking all right.  Until the 7d turn and 4h river.  He too, was no good against the nut straight. Cox up to half a million in chips.

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