Weijie ‘Jarvey’ Zheng Leads Unofficial Final Table

The last 9/1,807 entrants in this year’s Irish Poker Open Main Event have made to the literal last table in use in the tournament, but for tomorrow’s Final Table to be officially set, we need to lose one of these plucky contenders:

FINAL TABLE (unofficial) – seat order

David Crilly – 5,000,000
Thomas Gallagher – 6,200,000
Weijie ‘Jarvey’ Zheng – 8,600,000
Sami Agel – 3,200,000
Raymond Wheatley – 4,200,000
Max Silver – 2,100,000
Steven Alper – 3,700,000
Seamus Cahill – 1,650,000
Dave Masters –  2,700,000

Zheng has refused to give up the lead he secured over three levels ago, and heads in to the last portion of the day with a couple million chips more than Tom Gallagher, the current second-place lier.  In order not to pre-empt the excellent drama of the livestream, we’ll be moving our coverage in pace with it from now.

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