Weijie “Jervi” Zheng puts his foot on the accelerator

Raymond Wheatley raised under the gun to 750k and was called by the chip leader “Jervi” Zheng in the small blind.

We are at 150k/300k/300k these days.

Sami Agel had a decision in the big blind with 2c 2s. He could rip for twenty something big blinds, or take a cheap look at three cards, hoping one of those had two pips and two pips only. He took the chance and called.

The flop came Js 8c 5d. The pot was already 2.6 million. Boy we are playing high these days.

The flop action checked around, however, three ways. But the 6d turn was a classic action card, Agel could not take a stab, because Zheng beat him to it. He held Qd 9d, had turned a flush draw, a double gutter (a ten or a seven) and had an over card to boot. He was well within his rights to bet the one million he did.

Wheatley called and Agel got out of the way, hoping Wheatley the worst.

The river was the Tc and the pot was now 4.6 million. Wheatley had 6.7 million behind. Zheng went for it all.

We can tell you now that the river had also improved Wheatley, who held Kd Td. What he really was in need of was a river diamond. But instead he got the worst card in the deck. He thought about calling, Zheng’s been running everyone over after all. But got away from it in the end. Play continues, the man known as Jervi still accumulating.

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