Wild, crazy stuff past the stroke of midnight

Cosmin Chishad flatted a raise in the cutoff, Nathan Watson’s raise one seat before him. Facing a continuation bet on Ah 2d Jd, if we got the action right, he called in position.

The pair saw the turn heads-up, which was the 8h, which checked through. The river 9c completed the board and the only draw that came in appeared to be Q T.

After Watson checked to Chishad on the river the latter decided to bet 45k. This puzzled Watson greatly. He seemed very suspicious. He took a great deal of time. Looking to his left he tried to read the soul of his opponent. No one seemed too bothered. The energy level in the room has dipped a little bit in the past little while and people are slowing down.

The problem, essentially, was that Watson did not have that many chips left. Say 90k. But he finally made the call for half his stack. And what did Chishad turn up with? Td 7s of course. The table was trying to recreate the preflop and flop action together to make heads or tails of it. But you know how tournament poker is after midnight. Just about anything can happen, and often enough, it does.

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