Zheng Flops Quads, Doesn’t Get Paid

On the feature table, Jarvey Zheng opened to 230k with 8s-8s and received one call – Steven Alper in the small blind, holding 6s-6c.

Flop: wait for it…

…Td 8c 8h! Which both players naturally checked.

The turn brought the Kc, and Alper checked again, but this time Zheng pushed a modest 250k across the line. Alper wasn’t to know he’d been drawing dead since the flop, and made the call to see a 9d river and check once again. Zhang’s bet this time was a heftier 800k, prompting a long spell in the tank from Alper. Eventually he folded, and will have to wait until he watches the stream back to find out that he very definitely made the correct decision.

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