Zheng Confounds Expectations

An interesting development now for Weijie “Jervi” Zheng. Up until now, he’s been by far the most aggressive player at a very aggressive table, but an uncharacteristic check with a flush on the river is messing with our understanding of him a bit.

Thomas Gallagher limped in with Qd-Jh in the small blind, and Jervi checked his 3s-4s. The 9s 8c Js flop contained a little something for everyone, and Gallagher (top pair, gutshot draw) check-called Jervi’s 400k bet (flush draw).

Both players checked the Jc turn (Gallagher: now in possession of trip jacks), and proceeded to the river – the 6s. Gallagher now bet out 700k, and we were all expecting Jervi to raise. But, confounding our expectations, he flat-called, winning the pot but missing out on some potential value there.

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